14 april premiere Zeeuws Meisje

maart 2015

zeeuws meisjeThe film Zeeuws Meisje will have its premiere and be the opening film on April 14 during the Film Festival Zeeuws-Vlaanderen that takes place from April 14 to 19.

In this zeeuws (meaning: from the Dutch province of Zeeland) road movie, Timo from Rotterdam (a role by Ferri Somogyi) comes to look for his zeeuws roots, after having heard on his father’s dying bed side that he has another mother.

This shakes Timo’s world and after being persuaded to do so by his half-sister (a role by Ilse van Kollenburg) he goes on a quest to find his original zeeuws mother. Clutching her address, he leaves the big city for Zeeland on his motor bike.



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